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(+2) 02 2257 8514
Management Software

You just made one of your toughest decisions and purchased a new management system for your business. Or maybe you have a system you just canít seem to get fully implemented.
A management system is a major capital investment by any measure. It requires a significant amount of resources and commitment to implement, easily costing you thousands of hours and dollars. The risks can be high. Thatís why companies demand a rapid and quantifiable return on their management system investment.

can reduce your risk of failure and quickly maximize the return on your investment. We provide the industryís most effective solution for implementing management systems Ė from front office operations like sales, estimating, order entry, and finance, to back end operations such as scheduling, production, shipping, and distribution.

Whether you just purchased a new system or youíre still trying to implement your old one,
can quickly get your system implemented. The faster you get your solution in place, the sooner your business can focus on reducing costs, achieving faster product turnaround, responding to your customerís needs, improving competitiveness, and increasing your bottom-line performance. Which means you wonít have to wait long to realize a return on your investment.

has in-depth experience with Microsoft Great Plainsģ. More than 140,000 businesses in 132 countries count on Microsoft Great Plainsģ to automate end-to-end business processes across financials, distribution, project accounting, electronic commerce, human resources and payroll, manufacturing, supply chain management, business analytics, enterprise reporting, field service, sales and marketing management, and customer relationship management.
We leverage years of knowledge and experience to provide complete business solutions through a combination of the leading business management software, Great Plains, and our professional consulting services. We utilize a team approach throughout this process that includes knowledgeable professionals from our staff and individuals from the client side. It is our belief and experience that if involved in the process, a client may experience a greater level of satisfaction with the desired results. We understand that organizations have specific and unique business needs that demand a precise and accurate response.

Areas of Implementation:
∑ Hardware
∑ Software
∑ Internet E-commerce
∑ Products Analysis
∑ Sales Analysis
∑ Estimating
∑ Pricing
∑ Quotations
∑ Order Entry
∑ Change Orders
∑ Job Planning
∑ Scheduling
∑ Job Tracking
∑ Shop Data Collection
∑ Shipping
∑ Material Requirements
∑ Purchasing/Receiving
∑ Raw Inventory
∑ Finished Inventory
∑ Quality Control / ISO
∑ Preventative Maintenance
∑ Job Costing
∑ Credit Checking
∑ Billing/Invoicing
∑ Accounts Receivable
∑ Accounts Payable
∑ General Ledger
∑ Payroll
∑ Fixed Assets
∑ Budgeting

provides project leadership and collaboration among your project team, company management, and the software vendorís support staff by becoming the key focal point for all implementation communications, activities, issues, schedules, and progress. Our consultants "roll up their sleeves", get into the details with your staff, and orchestrate all project activities, user training, system setup and testing, process reengineering, vendor deliverables, and other tasks.

Workshops & Training:
Throughout the implementation process, our consultants provide numerous workshops to educate your staff on system concepts, key issues, goals and objectives, methodologies, and step-by-step instructions for implementing your management system.
consultants work with you to prepare a "roadmap" for implementing a business management system. Our consultants create a detailed project charter that defines project scope, objectives, success criteria, and every task that needs to be fulfilled to successfully meet the goals of the implementation.

Database Setup:
sí understanding of the inner workings of systems will significantly reduce your setup time and risk of failure. Our consultants work with your people to construct the vital information that controls your system including your cost centers, processes, hourly cost rates, production standards, materials, bill of materials and chart of accounts.

The programs we support provide built-in easy-to-create customizations which never change source code and can be tailored to the enterprise or to specific end users. Additionally since the products are built on industry standard tools we can develop and integrate custom built software solutions for your company. All these customizations easily move with you from version to version ensuring the solution can grow with your business and not be a limiting factor.