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(+2) 02 2257 8514
Network Services

Inefficient networks can seriously impact on company performance!. Slow response, lack of available applications and excessive down time can all have an impact on productivity.
designs and implements local and wide area networks that perform to expectations and agreed service levels.
Our Services include the following:
1. Network (LAN/WAN) / Internet Work Training
2. Network Consultancy
3. Professional Services
4. Managed Services
5. Project Management
6. Internet / Intranet Services

1. Network (LAN/WAN) / Internet Work Training
Corporate training
can specially tailor courses and training curriculum's to suit your company, we also offer courses covering a wide variety of topics. Additionally, we can deliver all scheduled off-the-shelf training courses on-site at your premises.
Significant cost savings can be achieved by choosing corporate training and avoiding expenses for your employees such as hotel, flights, venue and catering. 
Training equipment may be obtained from HIBA at competitive rates.
Key Benefits:
· Greater understanding of important new technology.
· Create a more professional environment in your company.
· Help your business run more smoothly.

2. Network Consultancy
Although IT Consultancy is still a rare site, the growth in customer requirements for state-of-the-art IT solutions shows a sharp increase in demand for experienced IT specialists.
has proven results in some of the most demanding projects in the area. Its consultants have years of experience in all areas of data communications and networking technologies such as TCP/IP, ATM, SNA, IPX, Ethernet and Token Ring as well as major vendors including IBM, Novell, Microsoft, 3Com and Network General.
We provide consultants and engineers for pre and post sales project phases and provides a wide range of services to fulfill organization's needs in areas such as:
· IT strategy development / verification
· IT systems assessment 
· IT organization assessment
· IT operations assessment
· IT security systems assessment
· Cost benefits analysis
· Audit program development
· Systems architecture development
uses the best in class products for its services and all its consultants and engineers receive international class training and certification.
Key Benefits:
· Get the most from networking.
· Utilize the latest designs and fast network technology.
· Employ only highly qualified professionals to meet your needs.

3. Professional Services
Today's Open Systems Networking environment challenges IT Strategists, Designers and Network Managers with an abundance of choices in Standards Based Networking Technology.
Consequently analysis and troubleshooting of Internet works involves a complex variety of disciplines and tasks. 
Comprehensive analysis of your Internet work environment and IT organization could comprise of the following elements:
· Network modeling
· Network designs
· Pilot studies
· Implementation planning
· Systems failure impact analysis
· Disaster recovery planning
· Performance analysis
· Capacity planning
Key Benefits:
· Fast Lane can find ways of improving your network.
· Eliminate possible faults which slow the network.
· Regular system checks for a hassle free environment.

4. Managed Services
Information Technology environments are increasingly relied upon by companies and individuals. This has meant an increase in demands and network complexity in the areas of systems availability, interoperability and network management. 
can plan and execute the smooth installation of state-of-the-art technology into your current environment whilst maintaining or exceeding agreed service levels. 
We also provide pre-installation site surveys, equipment installation, maintenance, service agreements and customer care programs.
· Routers
· ISDN Integration
· IOS Installation and tuning
· Multi-protocol integration
· CIP Installation
·  Firewalls
· Switches
· Virtual LAN Design
· Quality of Service implementation
· Redundancy
· Security
Key Benefits:
· Fast Lane can free up your overburdened network..
· Optimize available bandwidth for the tasks at hand..
· The latest Sniffer® technology.

5. Project Management
Planning for and management of complete system set-up, relocation and upgrade projects.
Key Benefits:
· Fast Lane can formulate cost-performance efficient upgrade strategies.
· We can implement cost control exercises with no performance penalties.
· Relocate successfully and take advantage of the latest technology. 

6. Internet / Intranet Services
Service design, configuration, Internet registration, Internet provider & end user training and customization of client software. 
The use of corporate Intranets and the global Internet are becoming key features of today's business environment.
can help you with both private and virtual private networks. The Internet is the fastest way to communicate information to both your clients and work colleagues. Make the most out of your valuable information. 
We can also provide Web page design and Website set-up.
Key Benefits:
· Fast Lane can undertake feasibility and implementation plans.
· Help your organization to evaluate and take full advantage of appropriate new technologies.
· Create a personalized web site to give your company a global perspective.