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(+2) 02 2257 8514
IT Services

There are reasons as to why you should ask help from a computer consultant company like ours. We support the product for its entire life cycle. For a computer consultant like us, this means “bugs” are never charged for and support for you would be ongoing as with any bona-fide relationship.
IT departments are not only measured by how well they manage their data centres but also by how effectively they service the needs of their business units.
can assist companies with their need to share information in relation to core processes with others whom they may be in partnership with. This could include customer relationship, supply management or access to corporate information. We ensure demands for network functionality, security and performance are met.

By becoming a customer of you gain access to a team of the very best IT specialists.
They become an integral part of your business and because we supply a service rather than an individual, the whole skills portfolio of our specialist team is available to you.

Software Installation:
Installing and configuring a new system is a complex task, often achieved through trial and error. Our specialists have extensive experience of the process, so they can help you get it right first time.

Documentation and Procedures:
In the real world, many systems are installed and implemented to the tightest of deadlines. When this happens, system documentation and procedures inevitably take a back seat. At HIBA we understand the problem and will work with you to get your documentation back to the high standards you demand. And when we perform administration tasks on your behalf, we have the resources to ensure that your documentation and procedures are properly updated. We subscribe to another old adage- 'the job's not finished until the paperwork is done'.

System Administration:
If you need full time, part time or even occasional help - we can provide it. And remember, because our service concept is more than just an individual, we can guarantee that you will have exactly the right person for the job. We can supplement your team is the cost-effective way of ensuring your team has the specialist skills on hand.

Problem Determination:
UNIX, NT and Network problems recognise no boundaries, but unfortunately most vendors and service providers do. At HIBA we recognise that a problem needs to be owned to be solved and we will retain ownership of a problem, on your behalf, no matter what boundaries it crosses.

Preventive Maintenance:
'Prevention is better than cure' so, if we discover that you are exposed to a known problem, we will advise you on how to avoid becoming a victim. We can also spend time checking your systems and advising you on how to avoid common problems.

Performance Monitoring and Tuning:
Are you really getting the most from your IT investment? Like high performance cars, computer systems need regular care and attention to maintain optimum performance. Our performance specialists can help you tune your system and then help you collect the information needed to keep it in peak condition. Whenever you need to upgrade or purchase a new system, the information will already be on hand to ensure that you make the right decision.

As the use of complex networks increase, so does your system's exposure to security violations. Every system's security requirements are different but, by analyzing your business security requirements, we can advise you on the right approach for your system.

Backup and Recovery:
It is recognized that for most businesses the value of the data stored on their computer systems exceeds the value of the hardware - by a significant factor.
Yet all too often this data is inadequately protected, leaving you dependent on an ad hoc backup strategy and an untested recovery procedure. We can help you protect your valuable data and ensure that you have a strategy that minimises the business impact, in the event of a failure.

is committed to providing professional solutions that meet business needs.
We work with our clients whilst following a strict, clearly defined methodology. We have a strong record for following processes and procedures achieved while working in collaboration with the company and its employees.

IT strategies must be closely aligned with business objectives to realise the full value of investment into technology.
can review the use of technology and if necessary assist in developing short and long term plans, aligned with the business objectives and goals. We  can also review IT strategies and if necessary assist in the creation development of short and long term strategic plans, which are aligned with the business objectives and goals.

Project Management:
Successful projects are distinguished by the use of commitment and highly qualified staff. handpicks, project managers according to the needs of each project.
Our Staff does not pressure clients to use proprietary methodology or packages from affiliated vendor. Our managers work in the interest, time frame and budget of customers. Clients can rely on us to provide independent project management and advice.

Hardware & Software Strategic Planning:
Arranging the selection, purchase, installation and maintenance of computer hardware or software is a complex task that requires specialist skills. At
, we have a team of account managers with those skills. They can help you manage the process or they can manage the process for you -you decide how involved you need to be and leave the rest to us. As an independent company, we can supply hardware and software from any manufacturer enabling us to design a system that truly meets your business needs.

As the computer industry continues to diversify, how can you be confident you are choosing the best system to meet your needs - for now and in the future?
We are at the heart of computing, from the corporate mainframe to the desktop PC. We can apply our knowledge and technical expertise to help you make the right decision - right for your budget and right for your business needs.

Having selected the system, the next question is -buy or lease? And who should you deal with?
can guide you to the right answers. We can help to identify the best supplier for you and then manage that supplier, making sure that the system you get is the system you want.

Having made a major investment in new hardware and software, the next important step is ensuring a smooth and successful implementation. After all, most of the major problems users experience with computer systems can be traced to poor implementation.
By understanding and sharing with you your long-term requirements as well as your immediate needs,
can help you achieve the implementation strategy that becomes a firm foundation for future growth.

Infrastructure Maintenance - Like software support, installing and maintaining the current infrastructure for your system is a specialist and complex task. We recognize this and the last thing we can be is a 'Jack of all trades'.
That is why we entrust cabling, power, UPS and computer/server room design, installation and maintenance to our strategic partners while we manage the process.