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(+2) 02 2257 8514
Internet Services
Domain Names
Domain names are the familiar, easy to remember names for computers on the Internet (such as hiba.com). They correspond to a series of numbers (called Internet Protocol numbers) that serve as routing addresses on the Internet. Domain names are used generally as a convenient way of locating information and reaching others on the Internet.
The Internet domain name system (DNS) consists of a directory, organized hierarchically, of all the domain names and their corresponding computers registered to particular companies and persons using the Internet. When you register a domain name, it will be associated with the computer on the Internet you designate during the period the registration is in effect.
register or transfer any domain name ending with .com, .net, .org or .info in addition to the .eg extensions.
Please use this form to check for a domain
DSL Internet Connectivity
DSL or Digital Subscriber Line is a high-speed technology utilizing existing phone lines to transmit data. ADSL - Asymmetric DSL is faster in the return (download) than send (upstream) direction.
Anything you already do with your 56k connection you can do much faster with ADSL.
· Multitask - download a file, browse the web, check email at the same time - all still much quicker than using a dial-up or ISDN connection.
· Make and receive telephone calls or fax transmissions on the same line without disrupting your high speed Internet connection.
· Streaming media - You can now watch high quality streaming media on your PC such as music videos, movie trailers, concerts, and even space shuttle launches!
· Some users now leave their systems running 24/7 and operate their pc remotely.
Benefits for Home & Business:
· ‘Always on’ connection allows your business to be constantly in contact with customers and suppliers.
· Fast and reliable service gives your business a competitive edge.
· Access to the Internet, phone and fax on the same line increases business productivity.
· Un-metered Internet access makes budgeting easier.
· No extra telephone charge, only a monthly rental.
as a business partner with introduces the ADSL prices and packages for both home and business use:
1. ADSL 1:4 Packages (Upload speed 1/4 of Download Speed)
2. ADSL 1:2 Packages (Upload speed 1/2 of Download Speed)
3. Hardware Packages

Web Design
Does your business need a Web site that reflects your company's quality and professionalism?
Our skilled designers can create a masterpiece tuned to your specifications. Our skilled staff has created and maintains some of the largest sites on the Internet today. We have the experience and the technological know-how to make your Internet dreams a reality. We offer a diversified list of services to our clients. They range from professional Web and graphic design to custom Web application programming. Whatever your Internet desires may be, whether it be a small or large site, a personal or business site, we have the tools and skills to make it a reality.
We offer professional Web and graphic design services. No matter what you may be seeking, whether it be a small personal site or a monolithic e-Commerce site, we have the talent, experience, and technology to meet your specific needs.
We specialize in developing custom Web applications. Our staff of professionals, skilled in countless disciplines of coding, have designed and implemented countless Web applications, ranging from shopping carts to full-featured administrative systems.
The staff at is amply experienced and knowledgeable to make your desires and dreams a reality. Our Senior Web Developers have had over 8 years of Web programming experience. Here is a list of the languages our staff utilizes: 
· JavaScript
· CGI / Perl
· CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
Our staff is always ready with the latest technology available to serve your needs. When technology evolves, so do we.

Website Promotions & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services
Our ethical search engine optimization and website promotion service combined with proven internet marketing strategies will help your website rise to a position where it can be seen on the Internet.
Website promotion also highlight the fact that doing well with search engines is not just about submitting your website to various search engines like Google and Yahoo. It is about the overall job of improving how your website interacts with search engines, so that the your prospective customers can find you.
SEO is the methodology for preparing a web page to be found when a keyword or keyword phrase is entered for a search. We are involved in website optimization and web promotion field from many years and from our past experience we have learnt all the techniques that can be used for promoting or getting high ranking on search engines.